About us

RIWI buildit stands for high-quality and giant-sized foam building blocks.

Our XXL building blocks delight numerous children every day in educational institutions as well as in private households all over the world.

Here we want to give you an insight behind the scenes.

RIWI XXL Bausteine 3 jähriges Kind riesengroße Bauklötze Schaumstoff Konstruktionsspielzeug

Kids love RIWI®

Since 2017, we have been able to inspire over 25,000 children. That's a great feeling, because we know exactly how much children enjoy such a creative and big gift.

More than 95% of the families surveyed said that RIWI building blocks are their favorite toy and a real highlight of every visit.

RIWI buildit XXL Bausteine Gründer Idee About us

How was RIWI born?

As engineers, construction has always been a part of our lives. As children, we loved to build caves out of upholstery and hide in them, and to build high towers out of building blocks, only to destroy them again afterwards.

We had to realize that there is not a single toy for this purpose that is on the one hand so versatile and on the other hand also affordable for private households.

Why foam?

After several prototypes, we finally found the perfect material for our XXL building blocks: Polyurethane foam

As we are the first company to use PU foam without a coating for children's toys, we developed our own foam recipe to meet the chemical safety of toy guidelines on the one hand, and to achieve perfect building properties, durability and longevity on the other. This formula has been further developed and improved over the years.

Why velours covers?

Some of our customers are public institutions, day care centers and schools. There are other conditions and also a hard game use. That's why the protective covers were invented. Velour is just right because you can still build well with the now heavier building blocks (keyword: friction). Another positive effect is that the building blocks with velour cover are very cuddly.

How can I store the XXL blocks?

Giant blocks are great until they block the whole living room. That's what the RIWI Couch Covers are for. In a couch cover can be hidden 24 XXL building blocks. So you can use it as a play couch and transport it easily.

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