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How do the RIWI building blocks hold together?

Our XXL building blocks are made of a specially developed foam which has a very high level of friction. This "sticks" the building blocks together and you can create unique constructions.

RIWI XXL Bausteine kindergarten rutsche riesengroße Bauklötze Schaumstoff Konstruktionsspielzeug

How can I purchase on invoice?

Business customers who want to order on account or need a special invoice (with UID number) can do this using the contact form.

For quick processing we need:

  • Billing and shipping address
  • item and quantity

How can I store the XXL building blocks?

Giant blocks are great until they block the whole living room. That's what the RIWI Couch Covers are for. 24 XXL building blocks can be hidden in a couch cover. So you can use it as a play couch and easily transport it.

Why velor covers?

Some of our customers are public institutions, day-care centers and schools. The conditions are different and the stakes are tough . That's why protective covers were invented. Velor is just right because you can still build well with the now heavier building blocks (keyword: friction). Another positive effect is that the building blocks with a velor cover are very cuddly .

RIWI XXL Bausteine turm Wohnzimmer riesengroße Bauklötze Schaumstoff Konstruktionsspielzeug

Are the building blocks safe?

All of our products are tested to the latest toy safety guidelines and meet all applicable criteria.

The standards are EN71 (European standard) and ASTM F 963 (USA standard)

TÜV Austria GmbH has tested our products according to these standards.

How are these XXL building blocks delivered?

We pack the XXL foam blocks with a special machine. The volume is reduced by approx. 60% and we can send your order to you by parcel post. The largest box contains 24 XXL building blocks. We send two boxes for the 36 and 48 sets.

My RIWI building blocks are crushed after unpacking.

Due to the compressed storage in the packaging, the foam needs time to find its original shape again. Depending on humidity, temperature and storage time, this process can take up to 72 hours.

Usually this is done in less than 20 minutes after unpacking.

If you don't want to wait that long, you can use steam (e.g. from an iron) to speed up this process. -> Here is a video of it

How are these XXL building blocks washed?

To ensure a long service life, our building blocks and covers can be washed in the washing machine or by hand.

Please do not use fabric softener and make sure that the detergent is child-friendly.

-> Here is a video about it

XL Bausteine RIWI riesen Softbausteine XXL

History of RIWI®?

Since we started in 2017, we have inspired over 25,000 children in over 30 countries . RIWI® is currently represented in the EU, Switzerland and the USA.

More information is available on our "About Us" page.

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